Why Independent Sales Agents
As a manufacturer, trying to sell into an unfamiliar market can not only be confusing, but also quite costly.  It can take months, if not years, to understand the dynamics of a given territory.  Identifying potential customers, the individuals to actually call on, and ultimately qualifying those customers can be very time consuming.  Add in the cost of traveling a large geographic area on a regular basis and it might not seem worth the time and expense.

A viable alternative is to hire an established independent sales agency to market your product.  A multi-person agency is already familiar with the market place and the customer base.  Because the team is selling multiple non-competing lines they are already making regular calls on an expansive and diverse customer base.  In short, they are well acquainted with the territory, the accounts, and the individuals at those accounts. 

With independent reps being paid a commission on sales and paying all their own expenses, there are no costs to the manufacturer until the transaction is actually made.